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So I've collected a ton of parts...but have come to the conclusion I don't have the time or expertise to finish my I had someone come out to look and see what they could do...

I'm putting in 2 new axles (HP Dana 44 passenger side drop with ARB 4.56 gears, Currie High 9 rear with mini spool and 4.56 gears) under my Jeep CJ7 and going spring over. Individual quoted me $3000+ parts (with parts quickly getting to probably $1500 he said) to do it... It includes putting in the 2 new axles, installing an ARB and gears in the front axle, installing disc brakes on the rear, and putting in an SM465 ($75) mated (adaptor $550) to a Dana 300 x-case (already have)...and all that goes with that stuff...steering set up etc...

I have the axles, gears and ARB for the front, bracketry from Ruff Stuff, stock YJ leafs...

The individual was thinking probably 100+ hours of work to do it...What other info do you need from me that would help you help me figure out if that's reasonable?

To clarify...
I currently have:
85 CJ7 with stock axles (rear is broken), fuel injected 258 with a 4.0 head, 4 speed manual tranny, winch, air compressor, full cage, leaf spring lift with 33" tires

The parts I currently have
currie high 9 rear center in an early bronco 9" housing...4.56 gears and mini spool already installed
high pinion passenger side drop dana 44 with high steer arms...have gears and an ARB locker ready to install
most/all of the brackets needed to install the axles.
stock YJ leaf springs to put in SOA
an automatic out of an 85 CJ7...was planning on putting the auto in but the dude kinda had me talked into the granny gear manual tranny...

Kinda making me flip flop yet again and just sticking a stock AMC 20 back in there...

Thanks for any feedback...
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