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Been there, done that (as I recently explained in the "I hate projects" post). I am currently on go-round # 3. Having similar problems, my leak is on the rear, up on top of where the starter mounts, at the back passenger corner of the oil pan.

I have to ditto Leve's bit on the RTV, gunk it up good. A couple of other steps from the Late Great Willy Worthy too:

1) Tighten it up just enough to make the RTV squirt out the sides. Wait about 15-20 minutes. Then torque all bolts to spec.

2) Torque specs on the small bolts are 7-9 ft/lbs. On the bigger corner bolts it is 9-13ft/lbs. Get a torque wrench and use that thang! Make sure you are in torque specs on the bolts.

3) Let it cure for 24 hours before using. Hit pan with big rubber mallet to seat and re-torque all bolts.

This got 95% of my leaks, I think the other 5% I'm seeing now are just excess dripping off the frame/parts. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

'83 CJ-7 nothing original but the tub and axle tubes
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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