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The rear end on my 68 Commando just went out. This after I just replaced a blown engine. Were does one get a replacement "rear end".

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If you had a 30 mdl don't put another back in.
Find a 44.
You can find them in CJ 5-7's 72 and up.
You will have to move the spring perches,use wider ones.
The 72-3 will probably have the 3.73 raito but later ones will have higher raitos.
The postal 2 wheel dr will have a 44 that will work
71-75 most with power locks.
Just make sure it's your raito.
Some 68's had 3.31 raito,
mostly auto's.
You will find this raito in some CJ's.

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I'm close and I have the one out of my 71 that I'd be willing to part with. Its a flanged axle 44 only problem is its 3.31 ratio. e-mail me.
John P.
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