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Rear CJ Springs in the Front?

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Regarding a 4" Skyjacker softride for an 83 CJ7. It was suggested that I use rear CJ Spring in the front also (.5" wider). Looking at them both (front and rear), the rear springs appear to be quite a bit stronger. I will never do any rock crawling. So my question is, would the wider springs give a harsher ride?
Additionally, are they the same length and is this a very common thing to do?

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don't do it.. your spring hangers are narrower for a reason... the spring pad on the axle is also narrower in the front, and skyjacker softride springs flex very well anyway..i think the jeep would sit funny too because the front springs are slightly different length than the rear, and the spring rates would be wrong....engineers put a lot of effort into their lift kits.. i have never seen it done.. and i have seen a lot of lifted cj's...i have seen a lot of wrangler springs on cj's,(same width as cj rear springs) but this is usually with a spring over when you have to change a ton of things anyway.
i have run the skyjacker front narrow springs for years and i have never borken or bent one...and thats after SEVERE abuse

it's sort of still a cj thingy....
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