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Rear Brake Pads

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Has anybody had any problems with the rear pads on the newer Sportsman 500s? I have a 2000 with about 250 miles on it (mud, dirt, water, more mud (it does so well in that deep mud)any way I noticed that one pad was worn all the way down to the metal and the other was almost there. I replaced them with the severe duty pads for $49 but that could get expensive fast. I've also considered drilling holes in the brake disk to possible keep it cooler and clean mud off of the pads.

2000 Yeller Sportsman
K&N Filter
2000 Yamaha recovery system (warn)
Rear spot/reverse light

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I have a 98 explorer 400 with superswamper vampire mudders and i have to replace my front pads again with 700+ miles on it. The rear i had replaced at 100 miles, I haven`t checked them yet. the drilling holes sounds like a good idea but i have not seen a quad with holes in the disc yet, but i guess it couldn`t hurt...

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