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I recently purchased a 3.5" lift kit, with a 1.5" over stock greasable shackle.

I also bought extended, steel braided brake lines. However, when I got my "kit", there was only ONE (1) brake line for the rear. Is this normal? I'm at work, so can't get under the Jeep (not that it's here, anyways...) This doesn't make sense to me... I want to get this resolved BEFORE I go home..

Also, how long should my brake lines be? I'll also install sway-bar quick-disconnects. Any help is appreciated.

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Hey YJ,

It is correct that you only need one line. It connects to a union that is mounted on the axel. I think it should be about 15 inches long maybe 18.



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I have recently put a lift on my YJ, along with new brakelines. The rear, I believe measured 15 inches, supposed to be for a lifted YJ ( mine is 3.5" BDS)
The thing is streched like a guitar string. I'd check the length to be sure it is long enough. And there is only one.


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Rear brake Lines, revisted

Thanks for your responses...

Now that I'm home, and have compared my new shackles to the old... I'm going to get almost 2" over stock. That means my 15" braided brake line won't be enough. I'm dropping the transfer case, it appears that this MIGHT help... (brake line runs through transfer case?)

ALSO: my shackles are diff for the front and rear. I can't tell which side to put "UP"..

one is a normal H... the other has more space under the center brace... so one side is shorter... I'm thinking rear, with the short part of the H up... YES?

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