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Rear brake hose

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Just curious as to what some of you have used to replace the rear rubber brake hose that attaches the brake linea long the frame to the T-fitting on the rear axle after you've lifted your vehicle? The rear of my Jeep recently went through a SOA, and the rubber hose is nowhere near long enough to attach back on the axle tube. Is there another vehicle that has the same fittings, but longer hose that I can look for? Any info is appreciated to get a lengthened hose that will work.
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I use those stainless braided lines on mine (front and rear), you could get the correct length hose and fittings for your application for around 20 - 30 dollars.

Good luck!!!

Just find out the size of the fittings....i think 3/16...and the length you need and theyll send you one a brake place...theyll know what size..about 10 bucks..... - a few....
Hardest part is bleeding the whole thing...


Go to a tractor store that makes hydrolic hoses and take your old brake line in an dhave them make a line to your specs...its cheap!

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I mounted a bracket to relocate the T juction off the frame and hang down a bit. Was a cheap temperary fix until I get some longer lines, bracket came with my lift kit.

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Most Fastenal stores can get anysize hose for you. They custom make them in the disribution centers. You can also buy any kind of fasteners that you want.

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Up here in Maine they will not make brake hoses at a hydraulic shop, too many liabilities. We tried at several places and all laughed us out. If you take the fitting sizes to a decent parts store, they can look up the length for you and order one larger than stock. It's how I got my OEM (off what I have no idea) 36" long front brake lines. The rear should be just as easy.

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