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Okay here's the scoop on my misery this week. I've been having a really bad rumble in my tranny ('79 T-18a) lately when driving it around town. Starts of smooth as silk, but about 30 mins into it..."grgrgrgrgrgrrgrgrgrgrgrg" when I take off and torque is applied. So much "rgrgrgrgr", that I'm afraid something is gonna POP, CRACK, BANG, (insert your own Batman and Robin sound). Also, more heat escaping up through the holes in the floorboard shaft boots than normal. So this Sunday, I dropped my skid plate, drained my fluid (old), found no filings, and refilled. I forgot to measure the old fluid and can't for the life of me remember if it was low or bad. I tested it out on Monday and it sounded great! Problem solved.....not quiet. Now, about an hour into it...same damn problem! What can I do? Am I filling it up to the right port? I'm filling it up to the fill port approximately 3/4 way up the this the right one? Anyone have good diagrams of both a Dana 20 and T18?

Very frustrated, my jeep even more frustrated, and to boot I have about a foot of snow and it's just piling up more and more, which means no more jeep'n for this fella this week.

Any help here would be MUCH appreciated!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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