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Welcome to's Full-Size Jeep forum! Here is the information you need to take full advantage of this site:

Please fill out your profile. The information will help us get to know you and answer your questions accurately. Click the "My Home" link at the top of the page.

The Show Favorite Forums function is now controlled from the Main Index instead of your "My Home" page. Select "Main Index" and toggle the feature at the bottom.

There is a Frequently Asked Questions section that explains how the bulletin board works.

Hints to cure log-on problems. The ORC Forum requires a valid HTTP_REFERER from your browser. Some internet security programs block this, and your web browser can block it if your privacy settings are too high. If you have a firewall, disable it as a test. Also, your browser must accept cookies.

Use the Search function. There isn't much that hasn't already been covered. Search is at the top of the page, next to "My Home".

Give your post a meaningful title. Be descriptive. "HELP!" or "What's this for?" are not good. "258 2-barrel leaking gas" is good.

Grammer is nice. Punctuation and capitalization help. Poorly written, run-on questions are difficult to follow, and are often ignored.

Spelling is important. You may want to download IE Spell. It works with Internet Explorer to check spelling in your Web text boxes, and it's FREE!

Off-topic posts. If the post is not directly related to Full-Size Jeeps, please indicate so by starting your post title with "O/T ".

Here are some rules that MUST be followed:

No foul language. This is a family forum. If you wouldn't say it in front of your mother, or would be surprised to hear it in a church service, don't put it here.

Don't be rude. No forum member deserves to be insulted. Flaming will not be tolerated!

For Sale posts will not be kindly received if you haven't contributed significantly to this forum. There is a classified section HERE that can be found off ORC's home page listings.

If you need assistance or see something that should come to the attention of the moderators, send a Private Message or direct e-mail to Dirt Dog AND Jim_Lou.

(And a big thanks to LEVE for letting us use/modify this)
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