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-Please try the search button. It can work miracles, as if you have a problem, its likely that somebody else has had the same problem aslo.

-Keep the bad language to a minimun.

-When asking a question, please include anything about the vehicle we may need to know to make our reply that much more accurate. year, motor, trans, axles..........

-Respect the other members.

-Label topics correctly, as "help" would get less info than "wheel bearing removal trouble" would. also, label off topics "O/T".

-Turn the caps lock key off, AS THIS IS SHOUTING. painful to read isn't it?

-Fill out you BIO, it does help.

-Use proper punctuation.

-If you post asking for help about a probelm, report back to us on what it was, and what fixed it so we can help others.

-Make shure your post is in the proper forum for your question.

-Posts must be appropriate. Remember, people of all ages read this.

-I will edit/delete posts that I see unfit. If I modify/delete your posts I will PM you telling you why I did this.
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Not open for further replies.