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RE SYE question

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I was trying to figure out why the transfercase leaks once the rubicon express SYE is installed. The transfer case isn't opened up so the seals should still be good. Also the strenth of the kit shouldn't be in question. I rarely ever hear of someone breaking the output shaft of an NP231 transfer case. I know these questions have probably been asked a few hundred time but I thought I would ask again. I am not an engineer, hell I am barely a backyard mechanic, so can someone please explain this to me.

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If you look at past posts(do a search for SYE or RE) this problem is explained by something being wrong with the splines on the RE shaft if I remember correctly. There is a fix for it...just can't remeber what it is.

Try reinstalling the flange, this time use a liberal amount of sisicone or other sealant around the splines.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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