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My fellow 4x4 owners. As off-roaders we all know how hard it often is to find a place to legally wheel. Well here in south louisiana it's the same story, and this past july one of the few legal places to wheel has been closed down due to people who don't appreciate being able to legally wheel and decide to set a bad example for the rest of us
. I'm asking all of you for your support and hope you sign the petition which can be found by clicking a link at the end of this post. To better understand what's going on and why, here's a letter one of my fellow club members at 2 Big Broncos Delta got from an employee at the Bonnet Carrie Spillway after he emailed them to see why it was closed.

"The closure occurred on July 6, 2003 and is in place until further notice. During the July 4th weekend, over 100 vehicles utilized the area. Due to impacts on the access roadways within the area, it was deemed necessary to close the area for safety reasons. If an accident occurred, help from emergency medical services, law enforcement, rescue crews, etc., could not access the area to render assistance. Additionally, with repeated violations of posted rules (primarily operation of trucks outside the designated area and destruction of access roads), enforcement could not occur under the existing conditions. Since the primary purpose of the spillway is for food control rather than recreation, the Four Wheel Drive Area will remain closed until a local sponsor comes forward to develop and maintain the area. If you or an organization you are involved with would be interested in partnering with the Corps of Engineers to develop and manage an off-road vehicle area, please contact Greg to discuss the requirements and process. This partnership would operate similar to the partnership the Corps of Engineers has with the South Louisiana Trailblazers in providing the ATV Areas at the spillway.

We anticipate contacting local four wheel drive clubs, businesses, and individuals, as well as contacting local media to get the word out concerning the closure and the need for a local sponsor in order to provide the area for future off road use, within the next month. In the meantime, park rangers continually make contact with visitors to inform them of the closure, the closure is posted on information boards throughout the spillway, and as you have seen, it is posted on our website."

I'm not exactly sure what's gonna happen in the near future but someone has started a petition to get the spillway reopened and I've heard there are some local clubs looking into helping out at the spillway and helping to re-enforce the rules and such. Thanks to all who sign the petition goodluck in your off-road adventures, and when you see someone setting a bad example for the rest of us, pls proceed to

Re-open the Bonnet Carrie Spillway
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