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RE lift ?'s, and comments...LONG!!

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RE lift ?\'s, and comments...LONG!!

Well just when you thought you had your mind made up new products come to market. I've recently noticed that Black Diamond, Fab-Tech, 4WDH, Dick Cepek and another 1 or 2 companies have entered or re-entered the market in suspension kits. I thought I had made up my mind going the 2 1/2 route with the RE saving a few bucks over the OME. Then last night I was reading through some old posts and saw that the RE kit uses Pro Comp springs. Is this true? If so I am bewildered to say the least about the rep Pro Comp has compared to the RE kit when both have the same springs and that's the majority of the cost in the kits. Skyjacker now has mil. wrap leafs in a kit also and they have remained cheaper than most and also have a good rep. Anyone have any thoughts, or used any of the new lifts, Fab-Tech, Black Diamond, etc.? Thanks. Sorry so long.

Anyone else?
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