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RC 10 and Futaba for sale

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This item is Posted on ebay for Sale if anybody is interested.

Associated R/C10 Radio Controlled Electric Car in 1/10 scale model 6010. Items included as pictured are: Futaba Magnum Junior FP-2PKA / 2 Channel Radio; new spare Race Prep Dyno motor w/ extra brushes; spare mounted Paddle Tires; two extra rear Rims (one set chrome, one set white) two used Batteries; Wheel Wrench; Original Bushing Set (the car has racing bearings installed); spare Front Block Carrier w/15 degree caster; and the Car w/lightened Aluminum Tub; Stand; and Winged Body. The motor installed is a Racing Traxxas Scorpion motor; the steering has also been modified for racing. Items included not pictured are misc. repair parts, original "Assembly and Operating Instruction Book /RC10", Futaba Operating Instruction Book, Hot Trick Racing Book, and Playron 12v Quick Charger (not sure of the condition of charger). This was my son's Off-Road Racer who is now off at college. This car was raced Off-Road and has had several modifications for that application. It is NOT a child's toy and is built for competition. The car has been in storage for a couple of years and is in need of a little TLC in order to get it back on track.


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how much are expecting to get for it?
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