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I decided that I'm definately getting a raptor!!!I ride in some trails with lots of whoops,jumps,turns,and big a$$ hills and lots of dunes like my local and Glamis.I want my raptor to be stable as possible so I need your honest oppinions on how stable my raptor would be with 2" a-arms(note:the 2" a-arms i'm talkin about are not move an 1" foward), 3" axle,and also a 4" swing arm.Since we got that out of the way I also have some questions on the mods I just listed above such as:

1.With these mode on will I still be able to do wheelies and doughnuts?

2.How would it handle with these mods on?

3.Would these mods help keep the front end down on hill climbs and just riding?

4.With these mods on will I still be able to turn easy or would I have toput a little more effort into it?

5. how whould these mods behave on whoops and jumps?

6.What shocks would you recomend with these mods?


Sorry for all these questions but I really want to be safe when riding!!!!!

2001 yellow sportax 400ex all stock accept 6-ply razrs!!!!

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i dont own a raptor so i cant help you there, but i am just wondering, whats wrong with your 400ex that you have now? why not just ride it and have fun? its not about having the fastest or the newest, its about having fun while you are doing it. look at me, i have a banshee but i ride my blaster 90% of the time, just because i have more fun on it. and yes i think the raptors are awesome and even if i had the cash to lay down for it i wouldnt go buy one because i already have a quad that is just as good. know what i mean? i dont mean to start anything or tick you off i am just wondering.

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i dont own a raptor but my friend put +2 a-arms and a +2 axle and it does great it helps do all the things you ask about

may my zilla live forever

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