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Ranger with Exhast Only?

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I have a 2000 Ranger Off Road with the 4.0 engine. I want to put a new exhast on her, to improve fuel milage and get a deeper sound. I don't have the money to do a cat right now though.

Does anybody know of any exhausts that would give her a deeper sound. I really don't want her to sound like a pissed off bumble bee, or lawn mower on steroids. I would rather leave her stock than drive a rice rocket, I'm sure some of you know what I mean. One person said that a Flowmaster 50 Series would do the trick, but I would like more input. Thanks
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On my ranger, I gutted the 1st cat and put a BORLA muffler where the 2nd cat used to be. Ran 2 1/4 pipe out
the side in front of the pass tire. It sounds pretty good, defently not like a japper. nut I have the 2.9 in my truck.
One word of caution, I lost my single tip and tried a dual advanced auto tip, and it had the bumblbee sound.
Bought a single tip, sunds good again.
the new flowmaster delta's are pretty sweet but kinda pricey. you could try a glasspack and if it turns out you don't like it its only $20 youve lost.

you could disconnect the exhaust at the headers. my ranger sounds like a pro-stocker as i havent put exhaust on it yet.
grizzly - dont mean to sound like a snot here, 'cause your post is polite: can you please fill out your bio a bit? If you're in Canada, for example, I can make some specific, and cheap suggestions....

Wanderer4X4, I think I got it covered now.
Gracias - people here are helpful, but they like to know who they're helping.

gotta challenge the line on your bio though (yup, I actually DID read it after getting on yer case) - 'if its got wheels, you've probably driven it'...ok, ever drvien a Niva ??

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Not yet, either people love em and won't give em up. Or nobody in Utah has one. How many miles you got on yours?

Hey Wanderer, My buddy named his truck Wanda, he says it "wandas" all over the road.
nope,almost nobody in the US has one - they were under the cold war trade embargo, and never imported into the US
( arent even legal on-road in most states - no DMV listings) elsewhere in the world they're pretty common, and have barely changed since 1979. ( you can still get the old style bodies, like mine, new in most thrid world communist backed countried) As of 2002, there's a new body built in conjunction with GM, and badged as the Chevy Niva.

I've got about 350,000km on mine - not 100% sure, 'cause I've changed the dash a couple of times, and with ll the things I've tried, I'm on my 4th engine ( original 1.6, Lancia 2.0FI, Mercedes 280 straight 6, and now the 2.4 diesel) . the current motor has almost as colorful of a history as my Niva..this is the third vehicle its been in, after outliving 2 sedan bodies. ( west coast cars that rusted out). I was told by the PO that the motor has ~250,000 miles on it - hard to tell on Benz diesels, but shes in good shape w/ lots of life left in her.

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