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Ranger lift

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Hi guys. My dad has decided to make his Ranger his offroad rig. I think mostly due to the two humongoid dents that he put in hi rocker and bed this last weekend while enjoying the great outdoors. What do you think would be the best route for gaining altitude for bigger tires. I thought I would ask here first. I know alot about the fullsize and was wondering what they offer for the smaller sizes. Your help would be apreciated. If you want just write down how you would go about building one up. Your help is apreciated. Thanx. NORM
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Yah year is a biggy, cause a ttb front end raises different then the ifs front end, back ends are the same as on bigger trucks. Theres always teh good old fashioned heat the coil springs with the torch and stretch them in the vise. Although it isnt always the safest approach. Or even better jack it up and put hockey pucks in the coils.
Yah gonna be lifting my bronco 2 soon, im thinking of a 2 inch lift, and 31" tires on it, dont realy want to go much bigger, not like its gonna make inspection again. I plan on just regerstering it as a farm vehicle and beef it out for trail work. Plus electric shift [bleep] the bed so im gonna hook up a lever through the floor so i can shift from 4H to 4L screw the 2w once its registered as a farm vehicle.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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