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ripping out my rear upper shock mount, i noticed that the compression-force for the R9000 is the same, independently from the setting of the valve ...

the only difference is that they require more force to expand in a higher setting than in a lower

so... basically ...

compression: fixed valving
expansion: variable valving

is this right?



Compression control is the job of the springs. Your shocks, properly valved, should have little impact on the compression of the springs.

Shocks control the rebuond of the spring as it tries to push back to its original shape/position. This is why the expansion of the shock is so much more difficult to manage by hand.

Springs control the upstroke, shocks handle the down on your suspension.

I have 9112's at all 4 corners (yes, I know, much too short for my suspension setup!) and in compressing and extending them by hand, it takes much less effort when they're set to the softer settings than at the harder settings. Unless my memory is failing me, both the compression and extension are firmed up by the adjustment. It's been a long time since I've had the knobs on the valves, though. Since I have the remote air adjustment kit, every time I disconnect the shocks they go back to the soft setting since there's no more air pressure.

-- Geoff Beasley

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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