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rancho 4" lift kit

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rancho 4\" lift kit

I've been reading some of you guy's post and some say that the 4" rancho kit is actually 6". I ordered a 4" rancho for my 2003 silverado. Will it actually be 6"? How about the rear end is that 4 or 6
thanks for your help
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Re: rancho 4\" lift kit

mots 6" kits arent even 6"s without alittle cranking
Re: rancho 4\" lift kit

is that the new spindle kit that lowesr just the lower controls arms and has a raised spindle to keep the upper control arms in the sme location as factory along with the steering
Re: rancho 4\" lift kit

yeah I should you should be able to.

on some 8" wide wheels and a decent backspaceing, 4.5"s or so but you may even get away with 3.5"s of backspaceing.
Re: rancho 4\" lift kit

yeah Id defiantaly go with 35s

Im running 35s under 3 solid inches of lift and nothing more than alot of fender trimming and uhhhh modifing.
if you get 4-5"s youd be able to do it with alittle bumper trimming
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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