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I have heard of Ram for wranglers, and i was just wondering, if these are just hack jobs that people do, or are there kits that you can buy?? If so, are there any websites where I can see some pics or performance stats and place an order? Also, are these only for the 4.0 Fuel injected engines, or can they be used on the 4.2L Carbeurated ones too. I have always thought that it wold be cool to see a wrangler with forced induction.
Thanks in advance,

89YJ 4.2 5"lft 33"Firehawk ATX

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look under the new post air induction idea, we are talking about it there, any more info or ideas would help too!

1988 Wrangler Laredo 4.2L w/5spd Manual
1995 Wrangler 2.5L w/ 5spd Manual-dixie horn
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