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Dear Access Leaders in N. Cal,

As some of you know, the greens and Attorney General Bill Lockyer have filed suit to force the Forest Service to rescind its 2004 Record of Decision on the
Sierra Framework and to go back and enforce the 2001 Clinton-era Framework Plan. BRC and others worked hard to get some pro-access lang. in the
2004 Decision and we don't want the 2001 Decision that actually banned ALL trail users from Forest roads and trails for certain time periods of the year.

BRC has joined in the legal intervention to help other resource and recreation users defend the 2004 Decision. I am looking for 20 access interests to contact me
and let me know if you can attend this important rally on Mon. April 25 to send a message to the greens and Lockyer that we want our trail access!.

Please RSVP me ASAP to let me know if you can make it and/or how many folks you will bring. I hope to see you there.
RSVP to: [email protected]

APRIL 25TH, 2005


We will hear from several individuals affected by the poor management of our National Forests, the forest fuels conditions, and the future of this great public resource!


After the park, we will walk a couple of blocks to the Attorney General's office to demonstrate at Lockyer's doorstep. Plan to make and carry a sign
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