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I just developed a leak in my radiator, I'm just looking for opinions on using barks (sp) stop leak. What are the issues with using this, will it gum up the block too. Should I just go ahead and pull it and have it fixed. It appears to just be a pin hole leak, but it is spraying coolant everywhere.

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There are lots of fixes here, so I asked a mechanic friend when mine developed a leak similar to yours. He said the best course is obviously to have it repaired by a shop, but the next best thing is to use a powdered additive. He said to use one of the ones that contains the aluminum or metal type powder, but only add 1/2 the can at a time, not to add the whole thing unless needed. I added 1/2 a can of Solder Seal and it did the trick. No overheating, no gumming, and no leaks now for over 2 years. If it developed more leaks I'd look into a new one, but it's worked fine for me. Just FYI, black pepper will also seal leaks in the radiator, but who knows what it'll do to the engine.

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