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hey,need some help,i need to replace radiator in my 64cj5 with 350 chevy engine.i have several options,but dodnt know which is best/cheapest.i have extra rad support from 77 or so v8 cj or a rad support from 77 post office jeep.
does a stock cj5 v8 radiator have the inlets and outlets on the same side as a chevy? if so i could buy a new rad for 77 v8 jeep and hook up to chevy?or should i use extra clearance of dj5 rad support and use some other type of rad?
the clearance is tight ,with v8 on older cj`s.i am not above rigging some junk yard combo into jeep,again i want to do it right,cheaply if possible.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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