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I think the ac and polution thought may be correct - the hp-strangled motor, driving air pumps, compressors, etc, produces more heat, needing more cooling. (??)

My old 67 impala w/327 had a shroud (had ac too), don't remember what the 64 w/283 had, my 79 ford truck's got one. The MGB (I had a 79) doesn't produce a whole lot o' heat anyway, and those 2 fans should keep it plenty cool - I drove mine for many years without issue. My older 74 MGB GT had a mechanical fan, and no shroud, or clutch.

If you're gonna do a lot of water crossings, get an electric (a good one ain't cheap, though, like $200). If not, I'd go with a clutch. I've crossed some deep water with my YJ, and if you keep rpms low, you shouldn't have a problem. I've read that a mechanical fan is best at drawing air. Perhaps it's the rigidity of the blades, or the angle that they are at.


88YJ, 4"susp, 33"BFGMT, 9k#winch, rear homemade swingout, reb.258, 999, 4.10, weber32/36, GMHEI.
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