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Just to put in my .02 about the fan shrouds..... I bought a ' 75 CJ5 new with a 304 w/ 3 speed, and it never had a shroud. My ' 77 didn't have on either, but I didn't buy it new. I was also a 304 w/ 3 speed. My ' 72 CJ5, ' 72 Commando, and ' 84 CJ7 (all 6 cyl, standard transmissions) had no shrouds, nor does my ' 80 4 cyl have one. I think shrouds came along with pollution controls and other things the tree-huggers made them put on Jeeps in more recent years. I don't believe they were on the ' 77's new. Unless they came along with A/C for better cooling. Did they put A/C in Jeeps in ' 77?

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