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what are the different types of atv quad racing? i have been looking it up but the only thing i have been able to find is drag racing and i know there are different types but i just can not find them. any info. would be great
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Hare Scrambles: Sort of a desert race, but I'm not totally sure how to explain it.

Desert Races: Right now most popular is probably the Best In The Desert Series BITD Webpage

GNCC Type: Is a course usually made up of sometimes a little motocross, but lots of tight, rocky,& steep woods. GNCC is most popular on the East Coast. GNCC Webpage On the west coast there is the WORCS Series. WORCS Webpage

Motocross: Just like motocross for motorcycles.

TT: I'm not to familiar with it since I mostly do BITD and Worcs, but I know someone on here can give you some info on it.

Drag races: They do ones on the sand, but I have also seen it on pavement.

Hope this will help you. If anyone else can think of something else or I didn't explain something right, please say so.
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