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what are the different types of atv quad racing? i have been looking it up but the only thing i have been able to find is drag racing and i know there are different types but i just can not find them. any info. would be great

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Hare Scrambles: Sort of a desert race, but I'm not totally sure how to explain it.

Desert Races: Right now most popular is probably the Best In The Desert Series BITD Webpage

GNCC Type: Is a course usually made up of sometimes a little motocross, but lots of tight, rocky,& steep woods. GNCC is most popular on the East Coast. GNCC Webpage On the west coast there is the WORCS Series. WORCS Webpage

Motocross: Just like motocross for motorcycles.

TT: I'm not to familiar with it since I mostly do BITD and Worcs, but I know someone on here can give you some info on it.

Drag races: They do ones on the sand, but I have also seen it on pavement.

Hope this will help you. If anyone else can think of something else or I didn't explain something right, please say so.

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hare scrambles: are usually desert laps .

a hare and hound: is a desert point to point

TT : i have heard refered to as tourist trophy or tight track. it is generally a real flat track with tight turns some off camber turns and real small jumps. usually run a lowered quad ( not many on the west coast)

Super TT: a stepped up tt course.

flat track usually like an oval also lowered quads.

stadium: a real simple track and short, like a half time show at monster trucks. run quads with alot of sag.

supercross: a very extreme mx course.

on the west you find more desert and mx
in the east you find it all but not much desert. instead it is cross country and woods
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