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quick questions

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I'm nearing the end of my engine adventure, but there are a few pieces I just can't figure out where to put. There is a steel line going from the fuel pump to the fuel filter, then another curled steel line going to the carb. I can't find where the other rubber hose coming out of the filter goes. I also have another steel line (not the line from fuel pump to filter, its got different bends), and I can't figure out where it goes. One last question, the only thing I have to mount my airfilter assembly is the bracket that bolts to the valve cover, and a vertical bolt rising out of it. Am I missing something? The aircleaner housing just isnt' on there right. BTW I have an '87 wrangler, with I6 258. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

MudFlap 87 YJ POS!!
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If your YJ is like my CJ-7, the "extra" line should be the fuel return line that goes from the fuel filter back to the tank. Make sure that's what it is so you don't hook it up to a line that goes to the charcoal canister or something else. Not sure about the air cleaner. Does your YJ have a Carter BBD? Then there should be a bolt comming out of the carb that the air cleaner also attaches to. DO NOT TRUST MY INSTRUCTIONS! I'm just going by my CJ's engine compartment. Hope this helps and doesen't hinder. Good luck!

Mike H.
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There should be two lines going to the pump - one from the tank, the other going to the filter. From the filter, there are three holes - one coming from the pump, another going to the carb, and the third is the return going back to the tank (to avoid vapor lock). The return line should be on top.
Hope thats helpful. (That's how my CJ is set up).

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great! that was just the info I was looking for. Mike, my aircleaner unfortunatly sits on top of the valve cover instead of the carb, it has the clamshell design that is, in my opinion, rather silly. It'll run, honestly it will! :)

MudFlap 87 YJ POS!!
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