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i have a friend that has a 1992 yj.he needs a quick dis-swaybar.i'm sick of 3wheelin with him. he won't buy one, so i want to make him a set. any info would help me out. thanks


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Here's a good idea, but it's not mine. I copied this from Gredy's post on the Scrambler forum, -it may work for you too.
Hi Fellow Jeepers, Sway bar disconnects can be had for about 4 bucks by: purchasing, 1 foot section of copper 1/2" plumbing pipe,2- 1/4" cotter pins,2- 1/4" clevis pins (universal type with multiple holes), and 2- 3/8" hitch pins. Remove your sway bar links and cut, up from the bottom side 1.5",the bar in half. Cut a section of the copper tubing about 5" long. You need to measure this your self. you want the longest section of copper tubing without causing the two ends of the sway bar connecting rods to be separated when you put them back together. The sway bar uses down force on the springs to control sway of the Jeep. You do not want the force to be placed on the copper tubing or the clevis and cotter pins. You DO want this force to be on the two sperated but touching sway bar connectors. Using a vice and a drill press drill a 1/4" hole in the bottom sway bar con, and 1 1/4" hole in the upper sway bar con.. Also drill holes in the copper tubing in the desired positions. One for the top and one for the bottom. You can do this all at the same time by clamping all the pieces together in a vice, but make sure that the ends of the connectors are together (see above statement). Then once all holes are drilled, put the cotter pins in the upper holes of the sway bar connects and use the clevis and hitch pins (on the closest inside hole of clevis pin) to connect the bottom portion of the connector. Then take the hitch pin of and remove the clevis once you are sure that everything is lined up correctly then bolt the two ends of the bars to the sway bar. Pull the sway bar down inserting the two ends of connecting bars into copper tubing, put clevis pins through and slide hitch pins on. In the future disconnect at the clevis and hitch pin and rotate sway bar with upper connecting bars up against the body and hold into place with bungee cord. The bottom 1.5" section should not get in the way of any suspension or brake lines. YOU need to make sure of this. Also, I have not used the sway bar off road connected because of the forces created in off-road driving that could break the copper tubing. So far this has worked fine for me while on the road and are easy to disconnect when going off-road. I DO NOT ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS IF YOU DO THIS TO YOUR SWAY BAR. I CANNOT BE THERE WHEN YOU DO THE CUTTING AND FITTING OF THESE PARTS AND CANNOT KNOW HOW YOU DRIVE ON OR OFF THE ROAD. ALL RESPONSIBILITY IN DOING THIS DISCONNECT IS YOURS ALONE. ALWAYS, AS WITH ALL OLD JEEPS, INSPECT STEERING PARTS AND WATCH THE COPPER TUBING FOR BENDING OR BENDING OF THE PINS IN THE DISCONNECTS. There you have it, disconnects for about 4 bucks. Gredy

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