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My 1995 F-150 XLT 5.0L is making the following noises. I am getting a pinging everytime I pull out from a stop or if I am lightly on the gas and traveling at a slow rate of speed. The manufacturer states that my truck was designed to run on 87 Grade Gas. That is what I run in it. Why is it doing this and is it hurting the engine? What can I do to fix it? Next, I am getting a humming or as I refer to it a singing noise from what I think is the Fuel Pump in the primary tank. Does this mean it is going to quit on me and if it does mid driving or during startup, can I simply switch to the second tank and get going until I fix it? Last, why is the steering so loose? It feels like there is play in the wheel and I can't seem to get use to it. I was told that it was typical Ford steering and nothing is wrong. Is this true? Thank you in advance for the answers. This site is awesome and the answers you provide are great.


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