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Question on mounting 76 & up springs on 74 spring perches.

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Im going to put a 4 inch Dick Cepek lift on my 74 cj-5. The springs I got are for 76 and up cjs. I know I am going to have to change out all spring hangers and shackles as well as the shock mounts. The only thing I don't know about is mounting the wider springs on the narrower spring perches on the front and real axles. Is this going to be a problem. Please Help.

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It would probably be best to replace the early spring hangers with hangers from a 76-86 CJ 4wd hardware sells them for around $15-16. In addition to the spring getting wider, the spring hanger bushing also got bigger in diameter. I looked at my '72 and I think you'd have a hard time getting the later springs into those hangers. Even if you stretched them that would only solve half the problem. I think the bushing eye would rub against the frame and stretching the hanger would move the bolt hole closer to the frame. BTW, National Tire and Wheel is selling Superlift 4" kits for early CJ's for $379 with shocks and hardware. I just bought one 2 days ago, so I assume that price is still good. Are you really dedicated to the D-C kit or are you just having a hard time finding a kit for early CJ's in your area? My total for the 4" kit, extended brake lines, and shipping from WV to CA was $550.

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I have to agree with Utahjeeper. The rear 76 springs are a full 3/4" wider than the 74 springs so new hangers are a definite must have. You should also check the eye to eye length of the 76 springs vs the 74 springs. I'm not positive on this, but I think the 76 springs are longer. Another thing you will need is new mounting plates to attach the springs to the axles.

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