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question of worth

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I was wondering how much anyone would be willing to pay for this setup. I'm looking to buy a CJ, and am either going to trade my jeep and cash to him, or just buy it and sell the YJ. This is what it is

'87 YJ with stock I6 BA-15 (puegot) and NP231 T case
100,000 odd miles (not really sure, replaced speedo)
stock suspension
body in good condition, no rust but camouflaged
Hood trashed
fenders dinged up a little
31x10.5 tires in great shape (500 or so miles)
frame solid
good top, and two sets of hardware
1/2 hard doors
Engine runs good but was just resurected from an engine fire and the wiring harness is a home-done job.

I'm just curious what anyone would be willing to pay for this vehicle. I'm in illinois, western part for college and northern part for summer and winter break. Any guesses would be appreciated. Thanks

MudFlap 87 YJ POS!!
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I'd say you can get $2000-3000 for it. Most good (drivable) 4x4s are worth around that in Wisconsin. Of course, that all depends on finding the right person who wants the vehicle. If you find someone who wants a Jeep to take out on the weekends and wheel, you can probably get closer to 3k. Good luck,

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Would probably bring $3500 here in North AL, so long as it has the word "jeep" somewhere on it!

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In Texas, 4,500.

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Id give him 3k remember the peugot tranny isnt any good ......just my $.02

What about the CJ you are looking to buy? You did describe the one your getting rid of, didn't you?

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yeah, the jeep I described was the YJ I want to get rid of. His CJ is an 85 with stock everything (not sure of the tranny, hoping for a t176) but its got a hard top, hard doors and a set of 33's. The body is ok, some welding repairs for rust ect and I'd have to lift it to get the 33's on. What its working out to right now is I give him my jeep and a few grand, and he gives me the CJ with the 33's. But he, if anyone wants to buy my jeep for 3000, I'll drop it off anywhere in the midwest (provided you cover gas, have you seen how much it is lately??) :)

MudFlap 87 YJ POS!!
I'm a CJ kinda guy BUT that doesn't sound like a good trade.
Sounds like your YJ is worth around about the same as the CJ and he still wants a FEW grand? I think I'd look elsewhere.
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the thing is, my jeep caught fire last summer (engine/electrical fire, not sure what started it) So I've been rebuilding and rebuilding ect. This is my first shot at car repair so I'm not sure how good of a job I've done. It runs, but not to hot yet (still needs a tuneup) and the job is all homedone so no 30,000 mile warantee. That was why I didn't think it was worth too much, am I wrong? Its got the non-C clip 35 out back too

MudFlap 87 YJ POS!!
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