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Hello, Off-Road! I am building a replica vehicle from the movie Mad Max 2/The Road Warrior. It's going to be used at Wasteland Weekend (goggle it) and a lot of dirt/off road driving. I have a question or two about the dually wheels.

As you can see in the pic, this vehicle has dually wheels with pretty big tires. The tires are touching, and I've heard that's a bad thing - for ordinary driving (the tires touch and rub, over time this causes friction and they'll fail).

However, I also heard that if you have little weight in the back (like I will) and you're not driving far (I won't be) that this won't be a problem. Also, with no gap between the tires, there is no chance of a rock or something getting wedged in there and damaging the tires.

So, has anyone used duallys when off-roading or have any experience with this and they'd like to weigh in?


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