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quad decision time?

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Ok i'm looking to purchase a used quad. But I have a problem b/c I can not decide what i want. I am 6'4" and 220 pounds. I want something that is fast(and that I can make faster with more money), something that i can trail ride with, and something that can still handle a motorcross track and freestyle ramps. I think I have narrowed it down to either a yamaha warrior, or an old honda trx 250r, maybe a banshee. (i really want the new yamaha 450, but can't afford it right now) Anyone out there with opinons, please help.
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I agree the raptor or 400ex are great choices because they not only would fit you well, but you can also find them used for pretty cheap, good luck

a nice 250r that hasnt been beat and is reliable is going to be a bit hard to find, they are about 18 or 15 years old now
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