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Q's about purchasing a used Range Rover

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Q\'s about purchasing a used Range Rover

Hi, I am a long time poster on the Chevy Boards. I am turning to you guys for some ideas about a used Range Rover. My brother is being offered a 1998 Range Rover 4.0 SE with a little over 100k for around $17.5k My questions are, is this a good deal?, What kind of problems may occur, what kind of mileage should it get, it has over 100k so how much more life does it have.

I will get more details, but for now any help you can give is appreciated.

Thanks, Ryan
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Re: Q\'s about purchasing a used Range Rover

Dude, do a search. This has been discussed A LOT. Half the posts on this forum are about buying Land Rovers (and why not to).

I'd recommend against it unless he TRUELY wants it for it's offroad capability. If it's just a daily driver/family vehicle, skip it. He can get something more reliable for cheaper, with cheaper insurance and maintenance.
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