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Puzzled! - Hard power steering when accelerating.

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This problem just gradually started to happen over a 6 month period. The power steering works fine at constant speed and decelerating.
Only when I accelerate around a turn, left or right does the power steering become very hard to turn.

I have replaced the Power Steering gear box about 7 years ago. Purged and replaced all the power steering fluid. New tie Rods. New steering shaft from Borgasion.
Tires are 35'' MT @ 25 psi. I tried increasing the tire pressure but only little improvement. No play in the steering on the hi-way.

I do noticed that the power steering fluid has a burnt smell and was very cloudy before I replaced it. Know with the new fluid it still has a burnt smell.
I also notice what looks like very small shiny metal flakes flowing with the fluid. I have lifted the front tires off the ground and hand turned the tires and all seems to work well with low resistance.

I'll I can think of is the power steering pump is going out. It has never been replace since I bought the CJ 92.
Can a bad power steering pump have this type of symptom?


84 CJ 7, 258 Six, 4.56 gears, AMC 20 rear w/ Mosler axle / open, Dana 30 front / open, 4:1 Dana 300 Tera Low 4:1, T-5, 4.5" R.E. lift, 1'' body lift, 35" Pro Comp X Terrains on Alcoa 8x15 Alum wheels, TR ford Distributor cap & rotor, Crane HI-6R CD ignition. BeCool aluminum radiator

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Stupid question but your belt is not slipping is it??
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