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Puzzled! - Hard power steering when accelerating.

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This problem just gradually started to happen over a 6 month period. The power steering works fine at constant speed and decelerating.
Only when I accelerate around a turn, left or right does the power steering become very hard to turn.

I have replaced the Power Steering gear box about 7 years ago. Purged and replaced all the power steering fluid. New tie Rods. New steering shaft from Borgasion.
Tires are 35'' MT @ 25 psi. I tried increasing the tire pressure but only little improvement. No play in the steering on the hi-way.

I do noticed that the power steering fluid has a burnt smell and was very cloudy before I replaced it. Know with the new fluid it still has a burnt smell.
I also notice what looks like very small shiny metal flakes flowing with the fluid. I have lifted the front tires off the ground and hand turned the tires and all seems to work well with low resistance.

I'll I can think of is the power steering pump is going out. It has never been replace since I bought the CJ 92.
Can a bad power steering pump have this type of symptom?


84 CJ 7, 258 Six, 4.56 gears, AMC 20 rear w/ Mosler axle / open, Dana 30 front / open, 4:1 Dana 300 Tera Low 4:1, T-5, 4.5" R.E. lift, 1'' body lift, 35" Pro Comp X Terrains on Alcoa 8x15 Alum wheels, TR ford Distributor cap & rotor, Crane HI-6R CD ignition. BeCool aluminum radiator

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Good point! No slipping on the belt. I checked the belt for tension and never a belt squeal.

The pulley and belt are the v-belt type and the pulley is 'nice and polished' like you said. The belt itself was replaced about 4 years ago with a NAPA brand and does seem smooth.

This is very interesting and never would of thought that could happen. I will try the belt experiment tonight like you said and let you know!


Tried the belt dressing last night and no difference in the steering resistance during acceleration.
But adding the belt dressing really made my belts noisy! It sounds like I have a super charger on the engine.
The can of belt dressing says it supposed to quite the belts. ???

Could the hard steering problem be the cause of misalign wheel alignment? The jeep steers very strait and tire ware looks level. But can a slight misalignment cause this type of resistance?

I think I will go ahead and do the power steering pump since it still the original and inexpensive. Kragen $39.99. After that off to the alignment shop. I do hope that the steering box is o.k. Because I would hate to replace that again!!!! P.I.T.A. and $$$ Maybe power steering filters are a good thing incase on of the units goes south.

Thanks for all your help.

Installed the new power steering pump this weekend. It was a PITA. Well not that bad. Yes it is quite messy with the power steering fluid and adding the reservoir to the pump. It is well worth the extra $10.00 to $20.00 to spend for the added reservoir, but unfortunately most auto parts stores don't carry this on their shelves.

But the worst part of all was that the old power steering pump had metric mounting bolts to the pump body and the new rebuild one had standard threads.
AHHH! Off to home depot for standard nuts and bolts replacement. Thank You AMC for mixing bolt and thread sizes!!!!

Anyway the new pump works great! No burning smell in the fluid, clear in color and good power assist. But their is still a slight drag in the power steering on accelerating. This I think is probably due the alignment of the tires turning causing a slight drag to the steering. Off the alignment shop.

Thanks for all for the help.

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