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Puzzled! - Hard power steering when accelerating.

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This problem just gradually started to happen over a 6 month period. The power steering works fine at constant speed and decelerating.
Only when I accelerate around a turn, left or right does the power steering become very hard to turn.

I have replaced the Power Steering gear box about 7 years ago. Purged and replaced all the power steering fluid. New tie Rods. New steering shaft from Borgasion.
Tires are 35'' MT @ 25 psi. I tried increasing the tire pressure but only little improvement. No play in the steering on the hi-way.

I do noticed that the power steering fluid has a burnt smell and was very cloudy before I replaced it. Know with the new fluid it still has a burnt smell.
I also notice what looks like very small shiny metal flakes flowing with the fluid. I have lifted the front tires off the ground and hand turned the tires and all seems to work well with low resistance.

I'll I can think of is the power steering pump is going out. It has never been replace since I bought the CJ 92.
Can a bad power steering pump have this type of symptom?


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Sometimes a belt slips even though tension is fine - without any noise.

The belt gets glazed, especially the cheapo belts. No matter how much you tighten it, it still slips.

Replacing it with a new Gates belt may be a good idea - at least you'll know that isn't the problem.
Have a close look at the pulleys too - a slipping belt burnishes them to a pretty polish - pretty is too smooth to grip. A combination of a slick pulley and slick belt may be all it is.

Try putting a little bee's wax, violin rosin, or store bought belt dressing on your belt as it is, if it makes it "less worse" that's probably it. Those things won't last, so it's a test, not a cure.
Sometimes the belt dressing does make noise. It doesn't last long.

Since that didn't help, sounds like a new pump's in order - and grab a new belt too - might as well do it right - once.

When you first get it hooked up, leave the line loose at the input side of the pump - point it into a bucket. Fill with fluid - start engine for a just a moment. What a mess!
But it, hopefully, will flush out and particles in the box and hoses.
That's the return line so it circulates through the box then into the bucket.
You might be able to slip another hose over the open end into the bucket to save some mess. Every time I've done that I made a mess anyway!
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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