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howdys im new to jeeps and 4x4ing we aquired a 1970 jeepster. son(13) and i. motor is bad v6 dauntless so we gonna have a v8 built for it .so we can have plenty of power.our plans are to modify <nobr>vehicle</nobr> as much as needed in a tasteful manner while keepin the overall older look (body lines) etc etc .after a few puzzling opinions from others im still lost can ya help for now questions are for axles keepin in mind i dont comprehend gear ratios etc etc but to give yall an idea ide like to run this vehicle in street and trails with 36 or better <nobr>tires</nobr> . told axles will have to be swapped with <nobr>cherokee</nobr> or <nobr>wagoneer</nobr> is this true and if so what specific year i cant tell one axle from another please help LM Vasquez in texas

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Do a search, most of what your asking has been answered a bunch of times previously. Search function is at the bottom of the page on the list of posts.
Fill out you profile and you might get some more answers, specially from other located close to you.
Some general comments .... Welcome to Jeepsters!
36" or better tires, Hummmmm, you can forget your axles and brakes! Look for Dana 44 axles miminum or Dana 60's or ford 8.8 or 9". Disc brakes would be a BIG plus too. Now with bigger axles and those big tires you have to have power steering. With those tires you will need to lift or SOA to keep the tires from rubbing and probably new & bigger springs too. Also tires that tall, with a lift & a V-8 (possible teenager driving) get a roll cage built first!
As you can see, by making your first thought those big tires, you got a lot of work to do just to get it on the street.
Might want to part out that 70 Jeepster and look for one of those good looking Commando's (1972-3). Already has the V-8, power steering, Dana 30 front, Dana 44 rear, Power brakes, 11 inch drums, can handle 33 inch tires with minor lift, bigger springs.
Good luck
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