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My jeep failed emmisions miserably; I took it to a mechanic who diagnosed a burnt exhaust valve. When he said $1000 to fix it, I knew it was time to do my first head removal. My first mistake was leaving the rocker assemblys bolted to the head when I took it to the machinist. I got everything back in a box; no problem, it's pretty straight forward. But, when I went to the chilton's to get torque values I found out that I should put the rocker assemblies and the push rods back the same way they came apart. Uh oh. Now what?
Please tell me my 258 is not going to blow up when I start it. I did get all new valves (intake and exhaust), new valve guides and hardened seats installed at the machinists'. Will it make that much difference if the push rods and rocker assemblies are swapped around? And if it does, what can I do about it now?



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I doubt it will make any difference. While it's apart check them all for wear and replace any that are worn. Check the push rods for length and the rockers for wear at the contact points.

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