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Well, im going to go ahead and ask my question, then tell the story, so that i can get some responses from some of you that dont like to read of my hard times.

Where is the cheapest place to get extended brake lines for a 2wd 2000 s10, need to be extended enough for a 3" spindle lift.

about four weeks ago i ordered a 3" spindle lift from jcwhitney. it arrived about a week and a half later and included no brake lines. well pardon me for doing this, but i assumed that the "Explorer pro comp 3" spindle kit" that jc whitney sold me would be the same "Explorer pro comp 3" spindle kit" that explorer pro comp sells and advertises to include brake lines. i called jcwhitney asking where they were and they told me that they would send them right out to me. a week and a half later i call back and ask where they are, they check the computer and say "ugh, we found that the brake lines are not included in the kit"... thanks for the call telling me that, bastards! anyhoo, i call explorer pro comp and they ask me the sku# that jcwhitney uses to ID that kit, i gave it to them and i was told that jcwhitney is making up their own # and just buying components of the kit from them, making their own "explorer pro comp 3" spindle kit".... that doesnt include brake lines! so the guy tells me that he can sell me the brake lines for $109. which brings me to my question, can i get them for cheaper? or is the cost of my lift slowly raising?

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You would think that if JC Whitney could just order parts and call it a Pro Comp brand lift, they would tell you that up front. Seems bad business to me if Explorer Pro Comp sells a kit and the parts are different from JC Whitney's supposedly "same lift".

Try out Earl's Performance Parts. I'm sure they can make you something for relatively cheaper, but the thing you need to look out for at the little doo-hickeys on the ends of the brake lines which make them DOT approved. It has a lot to do with whip testing, and a point at which they will break at the ends that make them DOT approved.

Actually $100 or so isn't a bad price for the lines, assuming you are getting the lines that would go with the lift. Hopefully that price includes the rear line(s) as well.

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