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pto winch

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what is a ramsey pto winch off of a 60s' era jeep worth in used condition. worked when i took it off. don't have mount, pillow blocks, or x-fer case, just the winch.
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The winch by itself isn't anything too special. They were very similar to the winches that Ramsey sold by the ton for light- and medium-duty wreckers. Some of them had an aluminum drum instead of cast iron, and some had a narrower drum and a spacer that got the drive shaft into a better position. One can probably still buy a brand new winch from Ramsey that is very similar and can be adapted to a Jeep.

What is unique to a Jeep, and hard to find, is the PTO that bolts to the transfer case, and the offset chain drive case on the winch. If you don't have those items, all you have is a winch. With them you have a PTO winch that can be put on a Jeep, and that's pretty special and not very common.

For a 60s Jeep, the PTO will fit a Dana 18 transfer case, which limits the market to Jeeps of that vintage, which aren't real common any more. On the other hand, those that are atill running are generally in the hands of pretty dedicated people, so there should be a significant market.

The mount, drive shafts, U-joints and pillow blocks are not any big deal. They can be put together by anybody with a torch, welder and modicum of skills, and would probably have to be modified or made from scratch anyway.

FWIW I have a Ramsey PTO winch on my CJ7 and wouldn't trade it for a boxcar full of electrics.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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