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pto winch

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what is a ramsey pto winch off of a 60s' era jeep worth in used condition. worked when i took it off. don't have mount, pillow blocks, or x-fer case, just the winch.
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Re: any info on crank shaft driven pto winch?

Curious, is it bad to have a winch run by the crankshaft? I have a '62 CJ-3B w/ a Ramsey winch on the front and it is run by a shaft that's attached to the crank pulley. This is the way I bought the <nobr><nobr>[URL=#]Jeep</nobr>[/URL]</nobr> and it looks like it was built this way (meaning not cobbled together by a hack). There is a lever on the driver's side floor that engages the winch. I have used the winch several times and though it's fairly slow it works really well. Was this the way it was designed to be? TIA.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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