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pto winch

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what is a ramsey pto winch off of a 60s' era jeep worth in used condition. worked when i took it off. don't have mount, pillow blocks, or x-fer case, just the winch.
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Re: any info on crank shaft driven pto winch?

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I am planning to fabricate a system to hook it up to the crank shaft. Any ideas? suggestions? Will a pully work or a chain is required? What about a pully system connected to the pto winch via cable operated dog cluch? Please help

[/ QUOTE ]1. Ok... let's make this real simple...
3. You never attempt to load the crankshaft!
4. If you do get it to work,
5. You'll be lucky if it doesn't rip your arm off...
6. If you can't go through the transfer case...
7. Plain and simple,
8. DON"T
Re: any info on crank shaft driven pto winch?

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Curious, is it bad to have a winch run by the crankshaft?

[/ QUOTE ]1. No, there were crankshaft winches,
2. And they were made that way...
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There is a lever on the driver's side floor that engages the winch.

[/ QUOTE ][*]Did it look like this?

3. And that's the rub...
4. IMHO.. you'd better know what you're doing,
5. When you start running shafts/chains/gears,
6. Off the crankshaft...
7. Remember the Ramsey,
8. Used a case for the engagement,
9. And for enclosure...
10. That's both safe,
11. And sound engineering for maintenance reduction.
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