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I just need some more power on my 258 in the '84 CJ7. So I was thinking of an Offenhauser mainfold with a 390cfm Holley or a Holley ProJection 1D to put on my stock mainfold. The smog crap was removed years ago anyway.
I don't want to rev the engine on 5000 rpm all the time, so some low end torque would be nice.
Does anyone have any good ideas wich way to go?


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There's no replacement for cubic inches. If you go with the 390 carb and intake, you might as well change the cam to take more advantage of the bigger carb. You might still end up revving higher, but you'll have more power. Low end grunt is a function of torque. Torque is more a function of displacement and engine design. A long stroke,small bore engine will have more torque than a short stroke,large bore engine of the same size. Increase the size of the engine and give a long stroke. Now is the time for you to analyze things in your life. What kind of driving do you want? Do you have the discipline to live with something less than the ultimate aluminum 700 monster big block? Alot of people spend a lot of money and time trying to make something into something else and find out that they can't. Maybe a fresh rebuild of the 258 with the 390 carb will work, but you still won't be able to burn all 4 on the pavement. Sorry this is so long winded. Best of luck to you and remember it's your Jeep.

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