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Problems with your Land Rover Discovery?

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Since we purchased our Land Rover Discovery almost three years ago we have had constant problems and what has made matters worse is the lack of response from Land Rover Spain and the Head Office in the UK. We have taken desperate measures and launched Land Rover Hell.

The car has been unbelievably unreliable, and on two occasions, whilst travelling abroad, we experienced major problems, resulting on both occasions having to leave the car behind and return in a small hire car, thus leaving the trailer we had taken with us, stranded there too. Consequently this has involved another round-trip of having to collect the trailer, all at our own cost, which on both occasions the mileage has been 975km for each trip, so it wasn't cheap! We also feel that it should be bought to everybody's attention that Land Rover do not want to honour their warranty obligations, and fabricate lies to avoid paying out for genuine repairs!

We just feel that potential customers of Land Rover should be aware of the fact that the Land Rover Discovery is not a reliable car, and the after sale care is non existent and is particularly bad from Head Office. The supplying dealer was a nightmare, (no longer a main Land Rover dealer) However the current servicing dealer Autonautica in Benidorm have been fantastic and always very helpful, the roadside assistance have been terrific too (invaluable on the Land Rover Discovery). But in the long run it is Head Office that hold the key to providing the long-term solution, and thus it is with them we have the problem.

Hopefully, our forum will enlighten customers about our bad experiences, and also let other Land Rover Discovery owners list their problems and grievances, so that prospective purchasers of Land Rover products can see what they could be letting themselves in for, and subsequently that Land Rover realise the discontent of its customers and thus improve the reliability of the cars they manufacture and the after care they provide for their customers, without whom, they would be out of business.

We feel that the product is fantastic in theory, but the practicalities of owning the car make the purchase of a Land Rover Discovery a really bad and costly mistake, please feel free to comment on current articles, and add your own. We have extensive Search Engine Optimisation and marketing campaigns and plan to make this website the major forum for all Land Rover models, we look forward to your help in achieving this.
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