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A few things were causing problems with my zuk. First off, the belt.. I was using a cheap old belt, (wasnt even for automotive) which i found in nmy back yard for my Gm 100 amp install, i intended to change it but never got around to it till this morning.
The belt was really loose and kept coming loose, and was too long by just a bit so it was hard to get it tight..
I replaced it with a real belt today and it makes all the difference.. A brand new, slightly shorter belt. I also repaced the alt tighting bolt with one that isnt stripped so i can accually tightten it properly.. I then put some locktite along with a lockwasher in there, so it wont move.
Somthing i discovered today after i came back from 4wheeling, i had barley any oil in my engine! That might have made the difference of it being very hot..
The dipstick barley showed the oil, just a tiny bit on the tip..
I also cleaned up the battery termanls, there always getting corroded for some reason.. this also made some difference.
I also got all my signal, tail lights and brake lights working properly..
My zuk sucks for street driving.. i wonder how it does on the highway, or should i be scared to know? /wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif
I went wheeling with my friends, didnt take my zuk becuase i couldnt find a driver, maybe tomorrow i can go with somone.. it was pretty fun, we went out by Rennie, only it waas in whiteshell provincial park, somewhat near the MB/ON border.. if anyone is fimiallar with canada. 2 trucks- both got stuck bad.. blew a winch and an engine!

87 samurai, 33" mud tyres, rear locker, baby rock lobster, fast back bestop top, custom bumpers, gator guard 2 interior, expander shackles, rear springs up front, soon cj's in rear, lawn edging flares

Good here you that doing some quality maintenance on little
Sam. Did 140Amp GM upgrade alternator on me Sam about
4 weeks ago had go buy new 34" drive belt cost about $23
as old 33" was to small,that GM Alt works great.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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