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Hey folks, my first post and its a question for the vintage bike savvy.
I am negotiating with a friend to purchase his 1972 Hodaka Combat Wombat 125.
I ride vintage road bikes, and vintage snowmobiles, but this will be my first "vintage" off road bike.
I have owned allot of old dirt bikes but they were not vintage back when I owned them :)
I want to arrive at a fair price for both of us but am having a hard time placing a value on this bike.
I can say its one of the cleanest bikes I have seen, it is all original and untouched, the chrome tank and fenders have zero rust, not even any pitting, just very slightly "cloudy"
It really looks like its been in storage since it was new.
It is missing its chain and the only condition issue is a very small chip in the case from when it "threw" the chain, the chip is maybe 1/2 a centimeter at most with no additional cracking or damage.
Rubber flaps on the fenders are still choice, as is the seat, even the original grips.
He is a friend and an older gentleman in need of cash so I want to treat him fairly.
I saw one on Craigslist in as far as I could tell as nice a condition with an asking price of 2000.00. I thought that was an insane amount of money but I am really out of the loop with this type of bike.
When I was a kid my neighbor had one and I had a 74 Suzuki ts125 and all I ever saw was his backend, that Hodaka went like stink.
Thanks for your time, I am looking forward to some fine vintage mx action

Best Regards

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I think you made a great buy. No comparison here, but I bought a used, running, 83' Wombat 23 years ago for $15 at a garage sale (probably a divorce sale). The guy had used it for enduro or hare scramble racing. It looked much like yours but air filter side covers were round and painted black with red lettering. It needed some tranny work. Kept it for 20 years and never did fix it. I sold it at our moving garage sale for $20. The guy that bought it had the same astonishing look as I had when I bought it. LOL
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