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Power windows

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Ok, I pulled the door panel apart on my '88XJ. I've tested the circuit up to the motor. The motor is getting power.
Are there only three rivets holding the motor in place or do I have to remove all seven of them? I want to pull the motor out to see if it will operate while seperated from the regulator. If I remove just the motor, will the window assembly just fall into the door? Anybody know how much $ you can replace the motors for?

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What I did when my window (manual) quit working for a bit, was cut a piece of carboard out to fit into the hole. You could cover it with plastic too if your anal like that, or plan to leave it that way for more than a day or two....

BTW: I went to a friend that runs a body shop and he told me that the problem is common to older Chrysler vehichles. I believe the metal cable is called the "regulator" or something. Anyhow my window would come undone after going too far down, so we put a hose-clamp on the metal guide rail that the window hits to prevent it from going to far now. The window sticks up maybe 2" when rolled down now, buts its on the passenger side so what do I care?

When you take the door panel apart (I was pleasantly surprised how easily it was to do...) you might have a hard time figuring out how to get the handle/lock assembly off. The linkages that these control are held to them by little plastic clip-on deals. You must pull (rotate) these inwards to unclip them so you can remove the assembly. Its a pain to do but doesn't take overly long.

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