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Power Steering

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Well, the time has almost arrived. I just ordered a power steering box, pump, and pitman arm for my 93 YJ from Quadratec. When the parts get here, I'll take a ride to the Jeep dealership to pick up the resevoir and the hoses. This is my first time doing any work on steering, so if anyone has any suggestions or advice, i'd be more than glad to hear it.

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I understand that there are 2 hard pressure lines(one at the box, the other at the pump) that can be made up with fittings so the rubber part is easily replaceable. Something that any hydraulic/truck shop could make up for you in 15 min. My '79 CJ-7 has this but the '85 didn't. Maybe try 4WD Hardware. Good Luck.

one of those hard lines from the steering box.. that goes to the hose (where it just slips on). can not be found.. unless you find one at a junkyard.. unless someone on here has found one.. but i tried all over.. dealer.. and what not.. so what i am saying is dont screw it up when you take it off..

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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